The New York State #InclusiveValueLedger (IVL) is a transformational new savings and payments platform that will massively accelerate value creation and commerce in the State of New York by steadily growing the health and wealth of New York State citizens, businesses, and communities. The digital technology that undergirds it enables New Yorkers to generate, capture, and exchange value that has gone untapped for literally centuries. 

IVL is a public platform solution based on “The New York Inclusive Value Ledger: A Peer-to-Peer Savings & Payments Platform for an All-Embracing and Dynamic State Economy” by Robert Hockett (Cornell University) and legislative work of New York Assemblymember Ron Kim.


Presently we, our state, and our communities leave untold wealth, health, and value potential “on the table,” by denying ourselves the means of being rewarded in spendable form for much of the value we add in our day-to-day lives. This is especially true of so-called “soft work” – educating and mentoring of our youth, environmental cleanup and preservation, community service and infrastructure-provision, care of the ailing and elderly, etc. – that now goes monetarily uncompensated, especially when done by women, young people, retirees, and other concerned citizens. 

IVL will capture and monetize the work of a stay-at-home parent taking care of the family, a mentor looking after a distressed youth, a volunteer cleaning up public parks, etc., and transform it into spendable form by crediting those who do such work with “care points” on a secure, smartphone-accessible digital ledger. These points then can then be liquidated for other credits, services, or needed products on the same platform; or can be “cashed in” for end-of-year tax and other state remittance credits.

The new technology underlying this “Public Venmo” is a universally trusted digital debit-credit ledger system through which citizens can accumulate and trade tax and other state remittance credits with businesses and one another for the products and services that make up the day-to-day business of life. This will amount to a “complementary currency” system that fills all the gaps left by dollar-scarcity in presently overlooked regions and sectors of New York and its economy. And this will in turn massively boost commerce, productive activity, and wealth-generation throughout our state. 

Like fertile soil that has long gone unwatered, New York’s “care economy,” “community economies,” and broader economy will bloom into abundance – abundance that just isn’t possible when pervasive community-work, care-work, and so-called “women’s work” goes uncompensated and non-transferrable. By enabling all forms of value to be stored, saved and transferred in spendable form, IVL will boost commerce and care, enabling all New Yorkers and their communities not only to grow but to flourish. 

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